Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates

The labour and services Law experts of Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates law firm believe in an approach that prevents problems and improves our client’s profitability. Regular onsite and telephonic discussions related to current and future employment practices is the base of our relationship with our clients. Client feedback indicates that regular consultation is the most cost effective use of legal services and costly legal entanglements can be pre-empted and avoided by this approach.

Various preventive and cost-effective methods are used by our Labour and Service law experts. Reviewing of our clients compliance status in employment practice and employee benefit programs. These reviews are designed to maximize employee benefits in monetary terms as well as to avoid costly legal problems. Labour and service law experts of Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates have been very successful in representing and preserving our clients interests in union organizing campaigns, employment law litigation matters, etc on the other hand the preventive law philosophy stated above is the USP of our practice.

Srivastava jagdhari & Associates is also involved in providing more traditional legal services. Our litigation practice ranges from proceedings before state and governmental agencies, to trails at all levels of state and other courts. We have been actively advising and helping our clients against all types of employment discrimination and wrongful discharge claims and other related matters. we have also worked for and advised local, regional and national level employers on a variety of legal, regulatory and human resources issues that their employment planning, policies and procedures.

Consultation & Audit Services

Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates on the labour legislative part of compliance which is an essential component of corporate governance. A comprehensive audit of all labour related records for an establishment is made, status is ascertained and criticality analysis of the risk exposure or liability is assessed and a solution focussed presentation with consultation is offered for decision making and course correction wherever required.

Establishment compliance Services

Geographical spread, variations in the law state-wise poses a challenge to ensure compliance in a comprehensive and cost effective way. Jagdhari’s being a leader in HR statutory compliance with national presence is undoubtedly the choice of the corporate that has geographical spread.

Factory Compliance Service

Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates Establishment Compliance Servicesoffers the client the required knowledge base and designs technology driven systems and processes for completion of clerical activities to ensure compliance on a routine basis, thus freeing the client to focus on development and IR climate.

Contract Labour Compliance Services

Srivastava Jagdhari & Associatess is a win-win solution for all stakeholders; the principal employer, contract workforce and the contractor alike. We have pioneered the engagement and regulation of blue-collared work force in corporate. This has had and continues to have such a positive social impact; ensuring minimum wages, ensuring due contributions under ESI, PF and LWF has made the lives of the contract workmen and their families better to the extent of getting the payments that are rightfully theirs and access to medical treatment that they are eligible for.

Flexi Staffing Services

Jagdhari’s offers Temp Staffing to meet the staffing requirements of the clients which are often incidental but important to their business operations. Our Flexi Staffing model is robust from a legal perspective as we are experts in labour law compliance and we ensure compliance in all our business operations.

Payroll Services

Jagdhari with its expertise in labour legislations offers payroll processing with compliance focus. The unique in-house software allows flexibility to accommodate compensation structures that can be as varied as the number of records while it ensures compliances under all applicable legislations. We take a proactive and professional approach to deliver solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Payroll Compliance Services

Jagdhari’s, proven proficiency in both knowledge and skill set in labour law compliance (with special reference to Payroll Processing) and competent technology support, is appropriately positioned in presenting Payroll Compliance Services (PCS), covering the following labour legislations, which is best suited to customer-specific needs and expectations.


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