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The law relating to labour and employment is also known as Industrial law in India. The history of labour legislation in India is interwoven with the history of British colonialism. The industrial/labour legislations enacted by the British were primarily intended to protect the interests of the British employers.
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About Law & Policy

Labour policy in India has been evolving in response to specific needs of the situation to suit requirements of planned economic development and social justice and has two fold objectives, namely maintaining industrial peace and promoting the welfare of labour.The term ‘labour’ means productive work especially physical work done for wages.
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Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates


The labour and services Law experts of Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates law firm believe in an approach that prevents problems and improves our client’s profitability. Regular onsite and telephonic discussions related to current and future employment practices is the base of our relationship with our clients. Client feedback indicates that regular consultation is the most cost effective use of legal services and costly legal entanglements can be pre-empted and avoided by this approach.

Various preventive and cost-effective methods are used by our Labour and Service law experts. Reviewing of our clients compliance status in employment practice and employee benefit programs. These reviews are designed to maximize employee benefits in monetary terms as well as to avoid costly legal problems. Labour and service law experts of our law firm have been very successful in representing and preserving our clients interests in union organizing campaigns, employment law litigation matters, etc on the other hand the preventive law philosophy stated above is the USP of our practice.

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