Establishment Compliance Services

Establishment Compliance Services

Geographical spread, variations in the law state-wise poses a challenge to ensure compliance in a comprehensive and cost effective way. Jagdhari’s being a leader in HR statutory compliance with national presence is undoubtedly the choice of the corporate that has geographical spread.

Srivastava Jagdhari & Associates offers a single window partnering platform for companies that have their establishments spread across various states. Ensured compliance, administrative cost saving, single window coordination, concern free data transaction from confidentiality angle and professional services from a corporate player are the advantages for the client.

Jagdhari’s takes care of all aspects of statutory compliances related to an establishment from registration of an establishment/branch to handling inspections by government officials. We also facilitate the client to obtain the necessary exemptions for un-interrupted and hassle-free operations. We apprise the client of any changes in the legislations for appropriate and timely decisions and actions to ensure complete compliance.

Service Highlights
  • Well defined systematic approach to handle compliance across multi-locations
  • Registration/Renewal/amendment under Shops & Establishment Act
  • Registration/amendment under CLRA and Professional Tax
  • Preparing and maintaining the prescribed registers on a routine basis
  • Timely submission of annual/half-early/quarterly returns under various Labour Acts
  • Appearing and handling inspections on behalf of the client
  • Liaison with Labour, ESI, EPF and PT authorities
  • Periodical audits of vendor compliance status
  • Support in court related matters

Value Proposition to Clients
  • One point solution to manage national spread
  • Cost saving on manpower & administrative overheads
  • Data confidentiality and centralized data back-up
  • Hassle free Liaison with the peripheral stake holders
  • Staying compliant at all times
  • Information amendments/notifications under various labour legislations across the country
  • Legal opinion on labour legislations for management decision making